The Martin Finch Memorial Fund prides itself on putting on the Best events for our supporters
 and fundraisers with the sole aim of raising as much money for the fight against Meningitis as possible
 and having fun at the same time. Please have a look below at some of our past events to see how we have been able to raise more than £100,000 for the fight to find a cure for all types of Meningitis.


 Bognor Prom 10K Road Race 2010

Competing for the 2nd time Sveta Smith has returned to see if she can beat her previous time of 54 minutes 48 seconds while at the same time raising as much money as she could for Meningitis research. The Bognor Prom Run organised by the Rotary Club of Bognor Hotham is growing in popularity since it started in 1995 and this, its 16th, year saw 1446 finishers.

 Bognor Prom 10K Road Race 2009

The Bognor Prom 10K Road Race has been staged every year since 1995, and attracts serious club runners from all over the South of England, as well as individuals and families with no club allegiance. It was good to see a strong local presence at the event and even better to hear of the Funds Raised !

 Martin’s Gala Ball 2008

 The fund is blessed to have had such amazing support from the guests at Martin’s Gala Ball. It was great to have had the contribution from so many different sources during these difficult times. Yet again this Great event was a big success and raised over £6000 for Meningitis Research.

 MFMF Halloween 2008

 ‘Twas a dank and dark October eve in Bognor Regis old town that a strange gathering was taking place. The pale moon was casting eerie shadows. The invitations were for Witches and Warlocks but the rumors suggested that many more scary characters were en route for the meeting.

 Martins Gala Ball 2007 - 007

Gold and Black was every where for this magnificent Bond themed evening, this was our 7th Ball in Martin’s name and it went down Superbly !
With a
Shirley Bassey Tribute act and the usual Casino tables on hand for some exhilarating gambling fun all in the name of charity of course !  

 Pirates of The Caribbean 2007

Arrrgh matey, twas a still misty evening when the Pink Pearl came along side the quay side at Manor Farm Easterergate on the 14th July.
The torches were burning on the dock, was this going to be the curse of the pink pearl, not at all ?

 Martin's Masked Gala Ball 2006
We had been considering a Masked Ball for some time (certainly from long before the Hijab debate!) and decided that this was the year. The cabaret Kryptic Movement went down very well with their unique blend of Hip hop, Break dance, Kung fu and Latin styles. Another Great Success !

 Martin's Gala Ball 2005

Its takes something a bit special to put on a night like this and a lot of hard work and careful preparation are key to making this wonderful night go so smoothly ! Over 230 Guests turned up for the 5th Year of Martin's Gala Ball which still goes to prove that our support from all our friends and family is stronger than ever.

MFMF Cowboys and Indians Wild West Party
Despite the strong competition from other activities (notably the Chichester Real Ale & Jazz Festival) on the night we had just over 200 paying guests. The Bucking Bronco Bull caused some laughs and sore backs while Rays performance in the saddle (with Golden Handbag) raised over £130.

Martins Gala Ball 2004
What a wonderful evening for the 236 guests attending the 4th Gala Ball for Martins Fund raising money for Meningitis Research.
The evening raised the staggering amount of just over

L Plate Challenge

L Plate 2004
Paul Witheyman of P.D.W. Driving School takes 6 cars and 18 learners to Lands End and back ! He and his instructors must be mad! Over the 9th and 10th of October 2004 the PDW Driving School drove to lands End and back and raised over £4,000 for the MFMF.


Space 2004

Guests arrived wearing costumes from Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr. Who as well as those who wore hand made spectacular outfits to compliment the surroundings of the evening.


On Saturday the 21st of June Dan Smith and Scott Finch took part in a charity skydive at Langar Airfield in Nottingham to raise money for Meningitis Research

Gala Ball 2003

Over 220 People attended the 3rd Annual Gala Ball of the Martin Finch Memorial Fund at the Hilton Avisford Park Hotel on Saturday the 22nd November.

Spencer Dayman Pneumococcal Walk 2004

Ten Brave Supporters of the Martin Finch Memorial Fund Battles through Pouring Rain and Howling Winds as they joined the last stages of the Spencer Dayman National Walk to raise funds for Meningitis Research.

Spencer Dayman Walk 2003

Early start Saturday 18th October heading for ASDA, Totton nr. Southampton for the penultimate leg of the 2003 fund raising walk for Meningitis Research.

Caribbean Nights
Brightly coloured shirts, skirts and dresses, Calypso music, exotic drinks and great lighting effects, Marquee bedecked with palm trees and flower decorations and RAIN !! Well even Jamaica has rain but it didn’t dampen the spirits of the gathered throng and it soon eased off as the evening progressed.

M 4 M Concert 2003
Over 200 people attended the Music for Meningitis Concert at the Arena Bognor Regis on Saturday 7th June. A terrific evening of music supplied by Regency Harmonisers and Tonic culminated with Soul Connection from Chichester College giving a unique and brilliantly entertaining performance.



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