The Bognor Prom 10K Road Race


The Bognor Prom 10K Road Race has been staged every year since 1995, and attracts serious club runners from all over the South of England, as well as individuals and families with no club allegiance. All are equally welcome. It is a major event for Bognor Regis, a day of challenge and personal achievement for runners and a spectacle for the public who line the route.

The Run saw a great deal of local support and brought people out from miles around to either take part or run.

 Special Thanks has to go to Dan & Sveta Smith, Rob Tait and Scott Finch for raising nearly 900 sponsorship for completing the Run which they have donated to Meningitis UK.



The Rotary Club of Bognor Hotham and the Rotary Club of Bognor Regis are part of the worldwide organisation known as Rotary International. This worldwide fellowship unites men and women in the ideal of service. Both clubs provide most of the 85 marshals needed to manage the road race. Internationally, Rotary has been responsible for raising millions of pounds for such projects as eliminating polio throughout the world, and responding to major emergencies.




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