At The
Hilton Avisford Park Hotel


We had been considering a Masked Ball for some time (certainly from long before the Hijab debate!) and decided that this was the year. All of our guests joined in and resulted in creating a mysterious new dimension to the proceedings with a huge variety of colourful masks of different styles and shapes. From Italian Renaissance to Scream and WW11 Gas to creative individual designs and even taking the theme to a complete costume in the form of Zorro; the prize, however, went to a home designed mask.


Once again our compere, Pip Frederick, ensured the evening ran to schedule and as Auctioneer gave our guests the opportunity to achieve their full potential for generosity.

Two late auction entries were enthusiastically received namely a flight over London for up to 4 people and Richard Cox offering to act as Slave for a day ( Not perhaps strictly PC on the eve of the anniversary of the Abolition of Slavery but hey-ho its for a noble cause)

The Band, City Connection, was, as usual, brilliant playing a wide variety of popular dance music and demonstrating their professionalism with every song.




The cabaret Kryptic Movement went down very well with their unique blend of Hip hop, Break dance, Kung fu and Latin styles. Their energy, enthusiasm, choreography and timing combined with some stunning costumes created a dynamic performance which left the audience well and truly stirred.

 Many commented that this was the best Ball yet and despite the lower numbers the generosity of our guests allowed us to achieve a surplus of just over 5000 for further Meningitis Research many thanks to all our guests and supporters.

 We hope to see even more of you next year.

( Review Written By Chris Smith )








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