‘Twas a dank and dark October eve in Bognor Regis old town that a strange gathering was taking place. The pale moon was casting eerie shadows. The invitations were for Witches and Warlocks but the rumors suggested that many more scary characters were en route for the meeting.

They came in their droves, Dracula's, vampires, little devils, ghosts and ghouls, the walking
dead, mad doctors, monsters of different shapes and sizes.

Out of the dark night they entered the place and were welcomed by the hosts. The Witches parked their Broomsticks but the Cloakroom remained strangely empty of cloaks! The Coffin, upright against the wall opposite the entrance, displayed its deceased resident in all its peaceful ugliness. You can imagine the shock when, without warning the coffin and its occupant jumped out on the arriving guests. It would then resume its place calmly against the wall until the next wave of unsuspecting guests arrived.
The main hall was a welcoming place apparently located in a Graveyard in a Forest with cobwebs above, bats in flight and Gravestones scattered around. Frightening figures stood an inch from your face, some white or glowing and others, so black and cold you could feel your skin turn to goose bumps.

The sounds were supplied by that veteran horror show rocker, Tony Stone and his Band who kept every soul dancing till Midnight (nearly).

The search for the Witches Cat was popular while the Sensory Challenge of six unknown substances into which your hand had to plunge was not for the faint hearted. There were many entries for the Best Costume and after the clap-o-meter reduced the ladies number to Seven the final Winner was a sexy little Red devil from Leatherhead. The men's Best Costume, by popular consent, went to that scary horror CHUCKY!

There were about 28 super raffle prizes and all disappeared by the end of the night.

The Guests, one and all, were content with a Ghoulishly Great time and also disappeared into the night, safely returning to their various lairs, hovels, coffins and castles. Meanwhile a magical transformation of their meeting place was taking shape as many stray guests and helpers restored the hall to its real world condition.

Special thanks to Jackie, Gill, Scott, Gavin, Daniel, Svetlana, Richard & Heather of MFMF and all helpers for a great time. The evening raised £1,300.00 which will further support Meningitis Research.
Thank you to everyone who supported the evening.

Review By Chirs Smith

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