Pirates Of The Caribbean


Arrrgh matey, twas a still misty evening when the Pink Pearl came along side the quay side at Manor Farm Easterergate on the 14th July. The torches were burning on the dock, was this going to be the curse of the pink pearl, not at all!

Hundreds of people had gathered close to the Ship Wreck Inn for a good night’s fun, frolicking and dancing. The doubloon were flowing from many a dead mans chest and lots of ale was shared and great merriment took place between one and all.

There were some strange looking people, some scary pirates dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann, beautiful wenches, cut throats, parrots and even a pilot in a grass skirt? and others that we never worked out what they were but all added to the fun of the night. See if you can recognize yourself in any of the pictures. Even the ships builder was there, old Richard himself many thought he was long gone!


There were games a plenty, many had a go on the dueling poll or tried to splat the ships rat, others tried to get parrots from the rigging or find the treasure on the map. 

It looked like the end of the world was nie, then at that moment the ships guns began to blast away to the beat of the Tony Stone band and the swarming crowd began to gig& gig & gig, even Jim Heller the squire of the barn was moving and his partner was showered with flowers by the grateful crowd.

As the moon came up over the yard arm and the night drew to a close the good people of the Caribbean had raised over £2000 for the fund, what an adventure we all had! Thanks to everyone that made the night such a success, until next time!

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