On Saturday the 21st of June Dan Smith and Scott Finch took part in a charity skydive at Langar Airfield in Nottingham to raise money for Meningitis Research. The event was organised by Skyline and was also a World record attempt for the most tandem sky dives in one day.

There were on average about 6 skydivers going up every 10mins which meant the skies were soon filled with the bright colours of parachutes and everywhere you looked another chute was opening. They were descending from a height of 12,000 feet, free falling for a minute or 2 then the Parachute would open and they were sailing through the air for about 5 minutes then gently touching down were there were screams of joy and relief ! It was Scott and Dan's First ever Tandem Skydive and their feelings were mixed between excitement, anticipation and pure FEAR !

Their jumps weren't until 2 'O'clock so they had a while to wait so in this time they had chance to watch the other jumpers come flying down and see the emotions of other people.

After what had felt like an age it was finally their time to jump so they headed for the check in desk were they had to sign on and run through a few security checks. After a short briefing about how to pack the parachutes and how to conduct themselves when in free fall they were of to meet their tandem partners and prepare for take off.

The final checks were made and soon they were heading for the plane that quickly whisked them up to 12,000 feet and to jumping point. One after one they shuffled to the open door of the plane and 1...2...3... jump !

The first few seconds on leaving the plane were like no other feeling in the world, your heart stops your body freezes and its like you are completely free and disconnected from the world. Inevitably the parachute rip cord was pulled and then suddenly they were gently sailing through the air as graceful as a bird down to ground were they were both met with feelings of sheer delight and satisfaction.

The whole day was superbly organised by the Meningitis Research Foundation and Skyline and all that took part came away with a real sense of achievement and a life ambition realised !

Both Dan and Scott had an amazing day and were very please to have been involved in this event and to be included in the new world record for the most Tandem Skydives in one day !

Over 500 was raised by Dan and Scott through sponsorship from friends and family for their parachute jumps and the money went straight to The Meningitis Research Foundation.

 This event was organised by skyline, if you yourself are interested in doing a charity skydive and would like to find out more information click here

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