Space, The Final Frontier, was another roaring success.
A Marquee setup in the garden of Little Qaks in Bognor set the scene
for this ‘Out of this World’ fundraising event.

The place was transformed into an Intergalactic world of mystery with decorations prepared by relations and friends who volunteered hours of there time to set the scene of this years summer function.

This was all to raise money for the
Spencer Dayman Meningitis UK Charity.

Guests arrived wearing costumes from Star Wars, Star Trek and Dr. Who as well as those who wore hand made spectacular outfits to compliment the surroundings of the evening.

The ‘Tony Stone Band’ had guests dancing all night after having enjoyed plenty of ‘Down to Earth’ food and drink. The Fund were thrilled to be able to hand over a cheque for £5,000, from earlier Fund Raising activities, to Steve Dayman of Spencer Dayman Meningitis UK Charity to enable them to carry on there imperative research into combating Meningitis in all its forms.

Thank-you to everyone who supported this event

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Spencer Dayman


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